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SKF Bearing giant FTA books: from the beginning of year 5 million

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone United States about Road No. 291, a big area of nearly 50 thousand square meters of the distribution center, is 24 hours of uninterrupted operation.
This is June of this year, the global giant SKF bearings (SKF) officially opened in Shanghai Free Trade Zone in Northeast Asia distribution center.
SKF (Chinese) logistics services general manager, SKF distribution (Shanghai) limited official Zhou Jie told the surging reporters in an interview said that the Northeast Asia distribution center after the establishment of Chinese SKF market to achieve a settlement and be made one trade logistics, "Chinese customer orders no longer need by Singapore but, from the European direct shipment theory (transit time) saved 8-9 days."
This is not significant for the Shanghai free trade zone.
Before the Northeast Distribution Center put into use, SKF in China mainland (including Japan and South Korea and other places) trade activities, mainly by set up in Hongkong's China SKF limited foreign currency settlement; the establishment of logistics distribution center in Singapore to support, SKF customers in China under the orders. The general goods to Europe to Singapore, and then transferred to Shanghai from singapore.
And now, the two SKF has logistics and financial settlement function, copied to the in Shanghai free trade area of the Northeast Asia distribution center. Through the adjustment of the SKF Singapore positioning distribution center will change, will be the main service of Southeast Asia and South asia.
In fact, SKF in early 2009, is to consider the establishment of distribution center in Northeast asia. At that time, SKF made a series of research region the development of logistics distribution center in Northeast Asia, the proposal came into being. As the business needs, the new distribution centers need bonded storage functions, after many location, and finally settled in at that time has not yet upgraded to the Waigaoqiao Free Trade zone.
"Waigaoqiao not only can meet the needs of bonded and non bonded products and warehouse management, but also has the international standard operation philosophy and become our best choice."." Zhou Jie says.
Zhou Jie in 2006 to join the SKF, has been serving the logistics team.
There is no denying that as the world's leading logistics and financial centre, Singapore and Hongkong, China, are no worse off than Shanghai in terms of environment or policy.
But Zhou said: "we still believe in the mainland China market (potential), as much as possible to ensure that the logistics of goods and capital flow consistency, both good match, in order to achieve overall convenience."."
She does not deny that Shanghai still has room for improvement in all its aspects, but she believes it is only a matter of time before the Shanghai free trade zone reaches the level of Hongkong and singapore.
Especially in the FTA after Shanghai listing, SKF Northeast Distribution Center function more perfect.
Zhou Jie introduction, SKF Northeast Distribution Center, from the functional perspective, there are three main: transport logistics, import cargo logistics and then allocated.
Popular understanding, transport logistics refers to domestic customer orders, SKF European factory direct delivery, can bypass before Singapore distribution channels, directly to the northeast is located in the Shanghai Waigaoqiao distribution center, transport and import delivery; then the allocation means that Shanghai will have sufficient inventory of imported products in order to realize the fast delivery of orders. Logistics transportation, is part of Chinese SKF plant products, will be stored in the distribution center.
"So, if orders from local customers include both bonded products and non bonded products, the distribution centers in Northeast Asia can be easily sent to customers together. Prior to this, bonded and non bonded products need to be stored separately." Zhou Jie says.
Scaife previously had 4 warehouses in China, two of which were in the bonded area and the other two located outside the bonded area.
Zhou Jie said, can now be combined use of bonded and non bonded goods is the use of this "be made one, the state regulatory classification of customs policy, this is we really can feel, a year can save 5 million yuan."
Not only reduce operating costs, inventory structure has also been optimized. As an example, she said, "for example, before a bonded warehouse has 2 safety stocks, 2 safety stocks should be kept in the bonded warehouse, and 4 in two places.". But through warehouse consolidation, 2+2<4, we can achieve the same level of service as long as we have 3 safety stocks, and optimize inventory when demand is constant."
At the same time, when a sudden increase in demand for RMB business, SKF can also call the original supply of foreign currency business inventory. On the other hand, when the RMB business demand suddenly decreases, foreign currency business can consume its surplus stock. "This reflects the flexibility of resource allocation resulting from the consolidation of the two warehouses." Zhou Jie says.
SKF group 2013 sales of 63 billion 597 million SEK, Chinese business accounted for about 12% of the sales group.
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